My oldest daughter is 12 years old, and she’s experienced some strange health problems over the past couple of weeks. Some chest pains, some shortness of breath, and some 12-year-old girl panic to boot. If you have a theory on what could be causing this, please don’t pass it on to me. Everyone short of… Read More

A very, very dear friend of mine emailed me several months ago after reading on my blog that I was no longer attending counseling for my depression. I replied that my counselor felt like I had made enough progress to manage my Persistent Depressive Disorder (also known as Dysthymia) on my own, then I joked… Read More

I had to have a cyst drained last week. My doctor believes it was a sebaceous cyst, which is usually not something to cause major health issues, but is still something that needs to be addressed. In this case, though, I had to rely on the eyes of others to let me know just how… Read More

“Sometimes I actually wish something had happened to me.” Even typing the words out in front of me, it still seems unbelievable I ever said them. In the course of discussing my past history and what might have caused my depression, I actually said those words. Why would I wish that? Why would I actually… Read More

What makes a bad guy a bad guy? Is he defined by the things he does or can his actions somehow be separated from who his is as a person? And I am I one myself? Those are the questions I’ll be looking at here this week. I’ve heard the expression¬†“Who you are is not… Read More

Tell me one good thing about yourself. Before you answer, let me give you a couple of guidelines. You can’t say you’re “pretty good,” “fair,” or “decent.” You have to give a solid, affirmative “good.” You also can’t attach any qualifiers to your answer. For example, you can’t say, “I’m a good parent, but I… Read More

For lack of a better way to put it, I spun out at the end of last week. Situations were pressing on my nerves, and I went to bed Thursday evening nearly nauseous. I lost my perspective, handled things poorly, covered things up, and lost my peace. I regained a little of it yesterday, and… Read More

I have a lump on my back. It’s not a very big lump, and my doctor acted sort of surprised when I went in to see him about it last week. It wound up being nothing. Still, it was a lump, and it was in a spot where I couldn’t exactly see it, so I… Read More

Okay, you got me. I fell for it. You got what you wanted. But that’s it. No more. I’m done. I, like many internet dwellers this morning, checked the Yahoo! homepage this morning to find a story trumpeting the following headline: “Newspaper runs headline referring to President Obama as N-word.” Thinking that no one with… Read More

Every writer worth his or her salt is always on the lookout for the perfect metaphor. You know, something along the lines of “Life is like a box of chocolates…” … which is actually a simile … which might explain why I haven’t too many writing jobs lately. Anyway, whether I’m a decent writer or… Read More