I recently had a chance to talk to a gentleman who once spent a year in bed because of his severe depression. I had another friend recently tell me their struggles with anxiety had left them too exhausted to email me. Several years ago, I worked with a man who complained of chronic fatigue syndrome.… Read More

You know it’s coming. Your daughters have forced you to watch Disney’s Frozen for the 735th time. Despite the familiarity, you find you’re actually not minding having to watch it again. You may even finding yourself singing the words “Do you want to build a snowman?” or “For the first time in forever…” slightly under your breath. You almost forget about… Read More

Every year in October, my church holds a Reformation Day celebration. In case you’re not familiar with Reformation Day, it’s a day to remember the contributions of Martin Luther and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Technically, Reformation Day is recognized October 31, the same day as Halloween, but we chose to hold our celebration… Read More

Picking out a shirt, picking out a shirt, picking out a shirt… This should be a really easy thing to do. Go to the closet, find a clean shirt, pick that shirt out to wear. Ah, but it’s never that simple. See, the forecast may be calling for cloudy skies the next day, so you… Read More

No man enjoys being treated like a child. Well, okay, maybe some men do, but that’s an entirely different issue. In fact, that’s probably something to be discussed on an entirely different blog. At any rate, we men are a prideful lot, and as a general rule we don’t particularly like being told what to… Read More

This blog is supposed to deal with heavy subject matter. Topics such as depression, addiction, anxiety, God, regret. You know, serious writer stuff. There also needs to be something written here daily, something of benefit and sustenance. Maybe a little fun here and there, but mostly very dour and introspective. Sometimes, though, I just put… Read More

As far as songs about depression go, I might as well just rename these Tuesday posts “Another Song Written by Bill Mallonee,” because I can’t think of any songwriter who has written more songs on the subject that I can identify with. Of course, Mallonee never directly identifies depression is any of his songs, and… Read More

This is a picture of a desktop organizer my wife bought for me several years ago. I’m sure the first thing you will notice is that it is not very organized at all. In fact, it is completely the opposite of organized. I have some guitar strings on there, a little cash, and, buried beneath… Read More

I have many friends who love to eat. Not only do they love to eat, they love to take pictures of what they eat and post them on social media websites. I can’t say I’m a particularly big fan of this practice. I mean, if you’re out at a restaurant or it’s some special occasion,… Read More

I once dated a Catholic girl in high school, but I think the only real experiences I had with the Catholic church involved a youth group meeting and an Ash Wednesday service. Oh, and I gave up potato chips for Lent one time – which is actually much more difficult than it sounds. The point… Read More