Man, I love me some Wayne Brady. Like most people, I first became aware of Brady through the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? several years ago. The man was just seriously funny. Later on, I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched him terrorize Dave Chappelle during a fictionalized night on the town… Read More

I had this brilliant idea last week that I would send the word out to some friends I knew had battled with depression in their own lives and invite them to be guest bloggers this week. I think I did this on a Wednesday or Thursday because, in my scatterbrained mind, I figured this was… Read More

(Last night, the internet service at my house was coming in and out, so I skipped posting anything and went to bed early. I had all this on my mind last night, though, and got some further reinforcement of it today. Oh, and I didn’t sleep that well, but that’s another post for another day…)… Read More

Before I decided to moan about my whacked-out sleep schedule yesterday, I had intended to write a series of posts this week about guilt and how it basically eats away at the psyches of those who suffer from depression. Of course, I obviously didn’t do that, so now I feel a bit guilty about knocking… Read More

I’m off. Some of this is actually my fault. For reasons I have never been able to explain, I tend to stay up later at night when I’m depressed. I was kind of down in the dumps for a few days last week, and the next thing I knew I was still awake at 10:30… Read More