Even if you haven’t touched a brick in years, you should check out the documentary Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary. I’ve never put together a LEGO set in my life, but I was captivated watching how passionate people could be about these deceptively simple toys. I was drawn in even more, though, by the… Read More

I honestly don’t remember the exact date I started this blog. I do know that I almost never got started because I was extremely worried what type of feedback I would receive once I began writing about my depression openly. My aim was to try to convey to those reading what I wrote what it… Read More

(The following scenario actually occurred during my sons’ Upward Basketball practice this evening. This should give you an indication of how ridiculously overactive my brain can be at times. Enjoy!) Okay, break time. The little kids are headed off the court for a while, meaning my 9 year old son and I can grab a… Read More

Normally, the mere mention of snow in a forecast is enough to set my nerves on edge. Even though I have only ever been involved in one snow-related driving incident (which was not my fault and left me at the bottom of a considerable hillside next to the roadway), I absolutely hate driving on the… Read More

When I began writing this blog, I set out to shine a light on a topic many people were very familiar with but very few were willing to talk openly about – depression. Not only has the writing been therapeutic for me, it has opened many doors for me to talk about this subject with… Read More

Frustration seems to be the name of my game this week. I wrote here Tuesday about how physically tired I’ve been lately, and I even threw in a little poetry to try to express how annoying this has become for me. I became irritated enough with the situation last night that I decided to take… Read More

After sitting here for the past half-hour attempting to think of a song to feature for “Tuneful Tuesday,” I’m giving up. Something just isn’t right. I’m sleepy. Not just right now, but seemingly all the time. I used to joke that I could go to sleep practically on command, but these days I could probably… Read More

On a whim, I recently applied for a job reading meters for the local city utility system. The pay was decent, and I thought maybe the chance to get outside and do some work might help me get back at least a little of the energy I’ve been so sorely lacking as of late. Certainly… Read More