Okay, so for the umpteenth time now, I forgot to write a Tuneful Tuesday post on, well, Tuesday. You would think putting the day of the week in the title of one day’s entry would be enough to make me remember it. Apparently, that is not enough. Maybe I should tattoo it on my hand or something.

Perhaps I skipped the usual feature yesterday, however, because I really wasn’t thinking of any particular song this week. And, to be honest, I’m not really thinking of any particular song right now as I write this. I am thinking of something music-related, though, so I feel as if that’s close enough for me to make an attempt to atone for my forgetfulness yesterday.

I wonder sometimes if small breaks are just merely happy coincidences or if they actually mean something. I, for example, am having a better week this week than last week. I seem to be catching the little breaks I did not catch the week before. That makes me wonder, though, if the breaks were there last week and I just didn’t notice them or if things have really have taken a significant turn for the better.no-guitar-is-safe-main

I analyze these types of questions to death, to the point where I notice even small instances where it seems as if fortune is smiling upon me. Case in point: I have recently begun listening to a new podcast from Guitar Player magazine called “No Guitar Is Safe.” Each week, host Jude Gold conducts a one-on-one interview with a guitarist of note. It’s a great format, and I’ve enjoyed the podcast quite a bit. The only problem is, I’m really more of a bass player, and, well, it is called “No Guitar Is Safe,” so…

This week, though, the podcast features my favorite bass player of all time, Mr. Billy Sheehan. This makes me wonder, Hmmm, did I just catch a break here?”

Eh, probably not. It sure feels good to think so, though. So, without overthinking this anymore, just listen to this bass solo.

Just a quick note: I will be out of town tomorrow and will likely not be posting anything. Or, if I get home early enough, I might. But I probably won’t. So I’ll talk to you again Friday. Unless I do it tomorrow. Probably…

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