When I began writing this blog, I set out to shine a light on a topic many people were very familiar with but very few were willing to talk openly about – depression. Not only has the writing been therapeutic for me, it has opened many doors for me to talk about this subject with a variety of different people. I hope I have at least made depression somewhat more understandable for those who have been fortunate enough never to experience it themselves.

I have always considered writing to be the one, concrete thing I am good at. I used to write a lot of differentwriter things – short stories, poems, song lyrics, news articles, magazine features… I just like to write. Lately, though, I’ve noticed I only seem to be writing about depression. While I find this topic infinitely interesting, I worry sometimes that I am obsessing over it. I also realized this week that I miss writing about other things and that coming up depression-related topics every day is sort of difficult.

I do not want to change what this blog is about, but I also want to branch out a little bit. As a result, Fridays are going to become Free-For-All Fridays here, where I can write about whatever I want to. I literally have no idea at this point what I will come up with from week to week, but this will hopefully give me the freedom to break out of the depression mold a bit. Plus, it will help me to not obsess so much over my various moods.

So consider this just a heads-up that next Friday’s post will feature … um, I don’t know what next Friday’s post will feature, but it likely won’t have anything to do with depression. Heck, I might even take suggestions. You can email me at info@lightsinthedarkness.net with any ideas. In the meantime, I’m going to keep on writing and, hopefully, you’ll keep on reading.

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