keep-calm-and-check-inHello! It’s difficult to believe I haven’t written anything here since August, but that is indeed the case. Quite a few things have transpired since my last post, so for those of you wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, here is a quick summary…

  • This was my toughest semester of graduate school yet. If you’ve never heard the word “practicum” before, I can tell you it basically means “shorter internship.” I can also tell you that mine got totally jacked up this semester. To launch into the whole story would bore you and frustrate me, so I’ll just summarize by saying my first location didn’t work out, causing me to fall several weeks behind my classmates. I somehow managed to make up the difference, but it was not without a lot of stress and determination. Really hoping my internship next semester goes more smoothly.
  • I received some bad news recently when it was discovered that my mom has advanced stage four ovarian cancer. She has not begun treatments yet, but they are in the future. To be honest, no one is exactly sure what to expect at this point, so kind thoughts and prayers are appreciated.
  • I recently started taking Trintellix for my depression. As with every other antidepressant I’ve tried, I really can’t tell if it’s doing any good or not. I’m sort of at the point where I don’t remember what I felt like when I wasn’t taking an antidepressant, so it’s difficult for me to know if I actually feel different now. I still believe in medication, so I’m going to keep taking it, but sometimes I wonder if I’m just the type of person that’s immune to it.
  • I joined a fraternity. Let the keggers begin! Actually, it’s more like an honors society for counseling students. I joined Murray State University’s chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, Mu Sigma Chi. Actually being a part of an organization in college will be new for me, as I was always too shy to join anything during my undergraduate years. It only took me until I was 42 to work up the courage.
  • I got back into the field of radio and now work part-time as a morning producer for the university’s NPR station. Even as terribly as my last experience with radio ended, I have to admit that it feels good to be behind a microphone again. Now, if we could just do something about that 5 a.m. start time every day…

And, of course, with me being me, there have been all kinds of peaks and valleys I’ll have to catch everyone up on. With the way life has been lately, I’m not even going to try to commit to any kind of writing schedule, but I want to post here as much as I can during the Christmas break from school. Looking forward to being a writer for a while again!

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