The high temperature today where I live is supposed to be near 60 degrees. By Saturday, we have a chance of snow in the forecast.

Let me just say that again: Sixty degrees today, snow by Saturday.

Welcome to the wonderful world of schizophrenic Kentucky weather.

With the forecast here being what it is, there is no doubt a hot topic of conversation today will be the weather, and I can almost guarantee that the majority of people won’t be happy about it. “This is ridiculous.” “No wonder everyone is getting sick.” “I wish it would just get one way and stay that way for a while.” And so on and so forth…

I’ve definitely fallen in that frustrated camp before. It is kind of crazy to go from mild fall weather to the heart of winter in the span of just a few days. While I still find myself being confounded by the weather, though, I don’t find myself getting as upset about it as I used to. It’s just weather. It changes. I have no control over it, and my complaining about it is not going to change it. Might as well just go find my heavy coat and long underwear.

It still amazes me how I can shrug off certain things and be so affected by others. I may have learned to accept the quandary of weird weather forecasts, but I still haven’t learned not to be bothered by whether or not I have enough money in the bank. For everything I’m able to say “Oh well” about, there are about a thousand others that make me absolutely lose my mind. In many cases, the things that work me up the most are some of the most insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Mess up my order at the restaurant, for example, and I’ll probably still eat it, but turn in front of me without using your turn signal and, oh man, it is on.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, but if I did my chief one for this year would be to become more of an “Oh well” kind of person. Don’t return my texts immediately? Oh well, you must have something else going on. Don’t wave at me when you see me in public? Oh well, you probably had a lot on your mind. Don’t remember my birthday? Oh well, you’ve got a lot of birthdays more important than mine to remember.

This is the kind of person I want to be in 2017, mainly because not being an “Oh well” kind of person is probably going to give me a heart attack one day. If I’m not able to brush something off, it builds and builds until I’m ultimately consumed by it. Then I usually wind up doing something stupid, such as mouthing off to a friend or punching a wall or ruining an opportunity. I don’t want to be eaten up by these feelings of frustration anymore. I want to be able to turn my back and walk away.

I guess I’ll be bundling up this weekend, but I can’t say that really bothers me. If we get a few feet of snow or a few inches of ice, though, watch out. I’ll be pacing the floor like a madman. The weather and I may have made peace, but it’s an uneasy peace at best.

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