I don’t enjoy not doing anything. If I am not doing something I feel is productive, I get very anxious and begin to criticize myself for not knowing what to do. It’s as if I have to be accomplishing something all the time or I’m not happy.… Read More

Okay, so for the umpteenth time now, I forgot to write a Tuneful Tuesday post on, well, Tuesday. You would think putting the day of the week in the title of one day’s entry would be enough to make me remember it. Apparently, that is not enough. Maybe I should tattoo it on my hand… Read More

Okay, first of all, this song really has nothing to do with depression, nor have I ever associated it with any particular feelings of melancholy I may have had. In fact, it’s one of the few songs I can simply shut my brain off and enjoy simply for the heck of it. It’s got energy,… Read More

Followers of this blog may have noticed that I didn’t post a “Tuneful Tuesdays” entry yesterday. For those who don’t follow this blog, “Tuneful Tuesdays” is when I pick out a song that has either helped me through a difficult time in my depression or one that accurately describes some of the feelings that come… Read More