I used to be really big on diagnosing things. I think I’ve even written in the past about how receiving a mental health diagnosis of my own was a very liberating experience. It was like I could finally put a name to my pain, and it provided me a pathway to treatment. That’s what I… Read More

I’ve been shattered. I thought it had happened before. I mean, after living with dysthymia for as long as I can remember, I knew I had touched some pretty deep lows. Looking back, though, that’s what they were – lows. I was still together, even thought I’m sure I didn’t feel like it at the… Read More

Sometimes I wish I just had the flu. You know, you have a sore throat, a fever, a cough, maybe even a little upset stomach. There are very visible, outside symptoms. You can go to the doctor, he (or she) can look at you and compare the data in front of them to what they… Read More

Being out in the open about depression (or any other mental illness, for that matter) is not always an easy experience. There are all kinds of risks that come with sharing an affliction publicly, from public and private misconceptions to outward bias to destruction of relationships. Writing a blog also produces its share of hazards,… Read More

One week from today, I will be 41 years old. I have plenty of thoughts on this, but since it doesn’t make much sense to share them a week early, I figured I would just stick to the usual Tuneful Tuesday routine – except I’m going to talk about getting older next week. Makes sense,… Read More

In many areas of the United States, a foot of snow on the ground does not a crisis make. In Kentucky, however, it puts everyone into full-on freak-out mode. Not that long ago, many of us in the western part of the Bluegrass State were shoveling off our driveways and trying to figure out how… Read More

“I got depressed just reading about that.” These were the words of someone I recently directed to a link on the internet concerning persistent depressive disorder (or dysthymia or dysthymic disorder). I was attempting to give them some insight into the type of depression I have been diagnosed with. Most people I run into don’t… Read More

This is an antidepressant. It is a serotonin and¬†norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, also known as an SNRI. I take one of these pills every day. Its purpose is to help alleviate the biological symptoms of my depression. I’m not so sure it’s doing its job properly anymore. Depending on who you ask, antidepressants are either a… Read More

This, my friends, is a drink order known as the “Four Provinces.” This particular selection of Irish beers can be obtained at the Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. It consists of Guinness, Smithwicks, Harp, and Kilkenny beers. I can’t remember now which brand was the oldest, but I… Read More

A very, very dear friend of mine emailed me several months ago after reading on my blog that I was no longer attending counseling for my depression. I replied that my counselor felt like I had made enough progress to manage my Persistent Depressive Disorder (also known as Dysthymia) on my own, then I joked… Read More